Bleep Repeat


Record label
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December 7th 2015


A1Bleep Repeat
B1Paper Blades

Science fiction, psychosis and savagery converge: The ever-enigmatic Redshape returns to his own label Present with this propulsive and decidedly unearthly release. BLEEP REPEAT makes for a potent first track. Here, a thumping step gives way to synth lines that sting and swell across solar systems. Things get headier, grittier, reaching a furious and frightening rush with spectral soundbites to match. A homage to UK rave sounds, this track perfectly captures the uncanny pairing of aggression and rapture at the heart of 90s bleep. PAPER BLADES follows, a celestial soundscape punctuated with hissing breakbeats and a sinewy bassline. Rippling acid lines beam along the astral plane, and a hallucinatory, near-liturgical melody meanders all the while. Spaced-out yet inexplicably driving, this track is elevating, enveloping