Deleted Scenes


Record label
Planet Rhythm
Catalog Number
Release Date
December 8th 2008


01Smoking Kills5:23
02Fat van Dale6:05
03Smoking Killsremix Rumenige & Loktibrada3:50
04Allright Allright9:26
05Three Steps Ahead6:00
06Nut Control6:01
07Kickdrum Light5:47
08Revolverremix Oscar Mulero5:22
09She Showed Me HeavenLuke Slater remix Radial5:57
10A Coke and A smile6:31
11Bruce Lead5:18

Planet Rhythm records is proud to present the debut album of Dutch rising stars Radial! This CD features their very best tracks, carefully selected out of the result of over a years work. A total of 11 tracks which include slamming remixes by Oscar Mulero and Rumenige and Loktibrada as well as the sought after Radial remix of Luke Slater's She Showed Me Heaven, which was previously released in limit edition on MoteEvolver. The Radial boys on fire!! FEATURED ON VPRO'S LUISTERPAAL.