Play Dead EP

Bas Mooy

Record label
Planet Rhythm
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 22nd 2010


A1Play Dead
B2Play Dead remix Virgil Enzinger

After the massive 'Propaganda' doublepack on the 69th cut, Bas Mooy is back with another appearance on the legendary Planet Rhythm imprint. His Play Dead EP features two dancefloor burners, that have been rocking festivals all thru the summer, and one fresh killer remix by Virgil Enzinger, who has been on fire the last couple of months! Full support from Dave Clarke, Speedy J, Chris Liebing, Cari Lekebusch, Gayle San, The Advent, Ortin Cam and many more... Dave Clarke: 'Bas is always the boy, big room techno, Enzinger is the king of suspense, a great package for the long winter nights.' The Advent: 'All tracks...well executed..10/10' Speedy J: 'Phat tracks! Played the original of Play Dead, tough tune!' Ortin Cam: 'Will play all tracks! Massive techno burners, my favo is Play Dead. Great work!!!' Chris Liebing: 'Like the virgil enzinger remix!' Gayle San: 'Always been a fan of Bas tunes..As always...delivering driving beats peak time tunes!! no messing around with build ups the tunes kick off the floors the moment its dropped!! Love it!!' A. Paul: 'Will play all of them. My fav is Krohnsteehn!' Jamie Bissmire: 'Really like the tracks Bas, good work as usual..will be rocking these out this weekend...Play Dead original mix is my fav!' Chris Finke: 'Dope release from Mr Mooy. Loving the remix, will be rocking both Play Deads!!' Radial: 'Massive partyvibe on all tracks. Both original tracks are my favourites on this EP. Good work!' Mark EG / The Anxious: 'For some reason it seems to be krohnsteehn that's making me wet. will try to review!' Go Hiyama: 'I am convinced that his attack sound is necessary for the future. And Virgil Enzinger remix has cool solid synth.' Inigo Kennedy: 'Nice solid tracks that will get played for sure!' Dylan Drazen: 'Great as usual :)' Robert Natus: 'yeah, nice work!' Ryuji Takeuchi: 'Play Dead (original) is the one for me. I can see it fitting in peaktime of my set. Virgil Enzinger remix is great also, dark and evil... I'd play it either in the beginning or very end to burn the floor. Thumbs up!' Takaaki Itoh: 'Always good techno from holland!!' Kriz (Token): 'all 3 are peaktime missiles. not sure which one my fav is yet, but will play them all for sure!' Patrick DSP: 'Slamming techno. Just what i need!' Submerge (Impact Mechanics): 'YES! All of them will be played. This brings back that old feeling of P. Rhythm I miss.'