Firm To Farm EP - Part 1

Radial / Bas Mooy

Record label
Planet Rhythm
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 9th 2018


A1NachtschadeBas Mooy remix Radial

Planet Rhythm presents two of the hottest Dutch techno concept around. Audio Assault labelboss Bas Mooy has shown to be a talented producer over the last few years. The man from Rotterdam has stayed true to the darker sound of pure techno. Lately he has been touring across Europe with his explosive live-set and his latest release on Fine Audio amongst others gives us only a small taste of what this man is capable of! This stuff is the result of the fact that Bas was born and raised in one of the worlds most technoid cities - molten metal and gallons of raw oil seem to be pumping thru this mans blood vessels..! Radial sky-rocketed due to their Dinner releases and global airplay. Jeroen Liebregts and Laurens van der Starre produce a crystal clear sound filled with impressive sub tones by the likes of Surgeon, Christian Wunsch and Oscar Mulero!