Bad Connection


Record label
Planet Rhythm
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 31st 2011


A1Bad Connection6:15
A2Look at me5:39
B1In a different World5:17

Another well produced Reeko EP on Planet Rhythm. This is dark angry techno music that should be played only at loud volume. The title track ''Bad Connection'' is a raw nervous track on a somewhat slower pace that will definitely get people dancing. Especially for all those Raves that last until 7' in the morning this is one for the peak hours. ''Look At me" is a jumpy non 4/4 techno rhythm with cool effects and chords, the rising synth at the end of each loop is a nice look. ''In a different world'' and ''Restart'' are both tracks that fit perfectly in this new PRRUK record. Good producers know how to build an EP in a way that it feels like chronological soundtrack. Reeko knows exactly how to do this.