Savant EP

Dubiosity & Pjotr G

Record label
Planet Rhythm
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 7th 2017


A2Tired Starlings6:52
B2Dying Message6:37

Occassional duo Pjotr G & Dubiosity have become household PRRUK names within short time. A couple of months after the well received ''A Man Is No Island EP'' a new submission to the ever extended PRRUKBLK catalog was provided in the form of ''Savant'' a 4 track spanning work of staggering techno with the significant filmic elements that Pjotr G and Dubiosity cleverly incorporate into their hazy works of techno. Whereas the A side is based on these elements, on the B side darker elements are introduced. ''Savant'' is a ferm but uplifting techno record.