Recoded / Silicon Base

Machine Code

Record label
PRSPCT Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 15th 2010


B1Silicon Base

Yes the PRSPCT battalion strikes once again with some heavy duty ammo to tear any dancefloor a new one! Machine Code (consisting out of Dean Rodell & Current Value) is the next one that has been selected to do damage on PRSPCT rec. And ooooooh boy! What a damage disher this turned out to be! Recoded is the A side and this speaker blaster is going to be ripping up floors everywhere.. Dnb thats taking a twisted acidic turn for the best is the way to describe this.. You wont stop bouncing to this one! Then... oooh man... oooooooooh man!!... You thought the A side was rough but this B side is equally dangerous. Get your pills out on Silicon Base cause machine code is doing it all over again but on a more rolling tip! Big bad basses & monsterous sounds... MC is here to stay!