The Spell / Code Of Chaos

Current Value

Record label
PRSPCT Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 24th 2011


A1The SpellCurrent Value feat. Snow5:08
B1Code Of ChaosCurrent Value & Nanotek6:06

Like a highspeed battle tank PRSPCT Recordings storms back to the scene with an obvious buy on sight record.. Current Value is finally up for his very own PRSPCT release and again he knows how to devastate the very ground he's walking on.. By teaming up with Snow & Nanotek he's upgraded the CV sound.. as allways.. The release sets off with 'The Spell' a mystical industrial roller.. Imagine a warehouse filled with Santa's elves working on high quality beats all cute and cuddly.. Only to be plowed down in one foul swoop by CV's bulldozing mechanical bass lines leaving destruction, chaos and dead elf bodies.. Painting the halls red with blood! Flip it over for 'Code Of Chaos' for another heavy duty roller.. This one is a bit more stripped down but that doesn't mean this one is 'Minimal'.. Pounding rattling beats infused with deadly tech bleeps. A sure shot when it comes to testing out the rig.. Drums & Basses.. as DnB was intended!