When Worlds Collide / Mindfuck


Record label
PRSPCT Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 4th 2011


A1When Worlds Collide5:56

Thinking about PRSPCT without Counterstrike is like peanutbutter without jelly.. Johnny without cash & Kiss without the make-up.. These PRSPCT veterans are back again with a heavyweight 12 that will leave hanging to the edge of your seat. For the first side we got Counterstrike & Zardonic going at it head 2 head with 'When Worlds Collide' This PA stomper is a brute piece of work. Destructive rolling beats hammer your face in while the bassline peals your face off bit by bit.. Put your screwface on and start bashing to this one. Flip it over for a proper 'Mindfuck'.. This how we like to see Counterstrike.. Heavy metal riffs combined with a snare that sounds like the garbage man is battering the dumpsters on trash day. Like the tune says.. Let's get our Mindfuck auwn!