The Hard Way

Thrasher vs. Bong-Ra vs. Limewax

Record label
PRSPCT Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 6th 2012


A1Suck Satan's Cock5:53
B1The Hard Way5:39

Limewax, Bong-ra & Thrasher aka Hollands heaviest DJ's are joining forces for The Hard Way. What better trio is there to slash your club into smithereens than these 3 heavyweights. All of these guys need no introduction when it comes to their love for the harder styles. Limewax is Hollands pride and glory and has been shaking the foundations of the dnb & hardcore ever since he started. Bong-ra is a Breakcore legend if there ever was one but now he's back with a revamped sound thats just to much to handle. Thrasher aka Mr PRSPCT is the man behind the infamous label and has been a core specialist ever since the beginning. His view on dnb & hardcore has taken the world by storm, and is an asset to this trio like no other. On this record the trio shows all their sides when it comes to their vision of hard music. Combining Drum & Bass, Hardcore, Jungle, Breakcore, Dubstep & Rock all into 1 because genres are for pussies!