Beat The Drum Hard

Sinister Souls

Record label
PRSPCT Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 1st 2012


01Beat The Drum HardSinister Souls
02Tuh Tuh DuhSinister Souls feat. eRRe
03Not HumanSinister Souls
04DiabloSinister Souls feat. Dub Elements
05Bird BoySinister Souls
06Natural SelectionSinister Souls
07Parasite BanditSinister Souls feat. Gein & Contrage
08We R KillersSinister Souls feat. eRRe
09Let Me InSinister Souls
10Stattlecar SpectaculaSinister Souls
11Black MagicSinister Souls feat. Counterstrike
12Perfect OrganismSinister Souls feat. The Outside Agency

Sinister Souls are the new buzz in hard dubstep & drum & bass and this debut album on PRSPCT will confirm this buzz is definitely here for a reason. The guys have been working on this album nonstop for the last 1.5 years and the hard work has definitely paid off. Its turning out to be one of the biggest PRSPCT releases of the year. An apocalyptic blend of hard Drum'n Bass, Dark fucked up Dubstep and full on Industrial Hardcore. Tightly produced and innovative to the fullest. The album consists of solo productions and collaborations with artists like Counterstrike, The Outside Agency, Gein, Bratkilla, Dub Elements and Erre. The list of DJ's that have been supporting the tracks is very impressive. Here are a few of the people that have been supporting this release the last few months: The DJ Producer, Borgore, Black Sun Empire, The Panacea, Excision, Counterstrike, Dieselboy, The Outside Agency, Bar 9, Ruffneck, SPL, Ophidian, Limewax, Bong Ra, Dylan,, Cooh, Culprate and the list goes on and on..