PRSPCT Family Album

Various Artists

Record label
PRSPCT Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 6th 2013


01Whoopie OfGoldberg Variations
02Mission StatementEye-D
03Payback TimeLowroller
04Dark RedKatharsys & Cooh
05The EvilDonny & Dub Elements
06VictimGancher & Ruin
07PRSPCT Wrecking Crew AnthemLimewax & Thrasher
08SkullsplitterSinister Souls
09The Raw UniverseDJ Hidden
10BiohazardCurrent Value & Cooh
11Total ConfusionI:Gor
12PossessedCounterstrike & Bong-Ra feat. Jonny Pettersson
13Death Will Set Us Free - CD ExclusiveHallucinator

13 Banging tracks by almost all of the PRSPCT recordings artists. As most of you know I usually write down a bunch of cool words and sentences to promote the releases but in the case of this HUGE!!! album release I think the tracklist alone should be enough to grab your attention.. Here it is!!! 1: Whoopi of - Goldberg Variations 2: Mission Statement - Eye-D 3: Payback Time - Lowroller 4: Dark Red - Katharsys & Cooh 5: The Evil - Donny & Dub Elements 6: Victim - Gancher & Ruin 7: PRSPCT Wrecking Crew Anthem - Limewax & Thrasher 8: Skullsplitter - Sinister Souls 9: The Raw Universe - DJ Hidden 10: Biohazard - Current Value & Cooh 11: Total Confusion - I:gor 12: Possessed - Counterstrike & Bong Ra feat. Johnny Petterson 13: Death will Set Us Free - Hallucinator This release will be available as gatefold 3 x vinyl Inc free CD, Poster, T-Shirt etc etc.. with amazing artwork by Tom Hamel again. Hope you guys enjoy this release as much as we do and play the fuck out of the tracks!!!!