Horns Up

Sinister Souls

Record label
PRSPCT Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 14th 2014


01Horns Up!Sinister Souls a.k.a. MC Dart & MC Swift
02SwingSinister Souls
03Come At Me BroSinister Souls
04Grim ReaperSinister Souls
05Rocket Propelled GrenadeSinister Souls
06Meanwhile On ApocalypseSinister Souls
07Fight For MoreSinister Souls feat. Cooh
08Earth PrimeSinister Souls
09ExecutionerSinister Souls feat. Ruffneck
10Danger TimeSinister Souls feat. Proton Kid
11Technical DifficultiesSinister Souls feat. Triamer & Nagato
12Fractured PsycheSinister Souls

Dangerous Dutch Drum & Bass duo SINISTER SOULS have been working hard for the last year to create an album with atleast as much power as their debut Beat The Drum Hard album and man, did these guys deliver! 12 Monster tracks of Epic Hardcore Drum & Bass Proportion designed for modern day dancefloor warfare. In other words this album kicks ass hard!