Bass Up To The Tope EP

Dub Elements

Record label
PRSPCT Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 25th 2010


A1PopimDub Elements & eRRe
B1PlaceboDub Elements & Neonlight
C1AftermathDub Elements / Gancher & Ruin
D1Bass Up To The TopeDub Elements & eRRe

As the PRSPCT arsenal grows bigger & bigger each passing release... The additions to the team keep on rolling in... Now for his official debut on PRSPCT its Dub Elements hailing from Spain. Their EP called Bass Up To The Tope EP is a collection of some of their best work to date. Contributing to the release is eRRe, Neon Light, Gancher & Ruin giving this ep the edge it deserves.. the A Side Popim is one bad ass mother f*cker.. that's actually the only way to describe his beast.. is it Dnb? is it hardcore? what is it? we dont know.. and we dont care aswell cause this one will make you rock out with your cock out... The flip contains Placebo.. If bikers had the brains to produce music then this is the trash youll be getting... mean.. nasty... rolling... a touch of neurofunk but still the 100% PRSPCT feel on this one... Onwards to plate 2... for twice the heavyness and twice the destruction.. Aftermath is just one of those tunes youll need to hear over and over till you really know what happening.. If side A was a beast then this my friend.. is a demon.. Dont be afraid to blast this out loud it only gets better! Last but not least its the title track.. Bass Up To The Tope... get ready to go gabba step... this last one sets the record straight like no other... when it starts building up youll dont know what to do. Down right dirty kicks, discusting snares and a bass thats literally going to the top!