Hell On Earth

The Satan

Record label
PRSPCT Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 9th 2018


01Bass FeelingThe Satan4:50
02BombsThe Satan4:49
03You Are SickThe Satan4:05
04CyborgThe Satan4:35
05Our HellThe Satan feat. Trasher5:05
06Black ListThe Satan4:40
07EnemyThe Satan5:00
08Kicks UpThe Satan5:07
09My GameThe Satan4:26
10I Am The DarknessThe Satan4:32

The dark lord himself has been creating a big stir in both the Hardcore and Drum & Bass scene these last few years. His productions have completely destroyed dance floors all across the globe and to add to that this beast man has undisputedly won the loudness war. On his first full length album for PRSPCT The Satan has taken his time to create a hard as nails and diverse quality album taking us listeners all across the board and in to the darkest pits off hell. Pounding Hardcore Kicks, crushing snares and a ton of audio violent filth delivered with a production level that is simply not of this earth. Nine solo tracks + a diabolic collaboration with PRSPCT label boss Thrasher make this an album a must have for every fan of the more XTRM side of electronic music. With Hell On Earth The Satan has unleashed a beast capable of crushing everything, it's becoming more and more obvious that god is losing his battle on earth... All Hail The Satan!