Channel Zero / Pyrotek Remix

Broken Note

Record label
PRSPCT Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 26th 2010


A1Channel Zero
B1Pyrotekremix Cooh

That PRSPCT has the skills to discover new talent is a fact! and with this release they show it again cause none other then BROKEN NOTE has been selected what they can do on a DnB Tip. Allready been bashing the scene with Dubstep, Jungle & Breakcore and now they can add DnB to that list aswell. Check out the insane Channel Zero on the A side.. Its just unbelievable how gritty and discusting this one is.. Its sounds like the bastard child of Current Value & Spor.. need we say more? They listen till your eardrums bleed and dare to tell us otherwise! Then for the B side Cooh has reworked their Pyrotek tune into a BEAST filled with dirt.. As you know Cooh cant let anyone down anymore and this will make that even more clear for all of you Available On LTD EDITION: CLEAR BLUE VINYL