PRSPCT pack incl. 15 / 18 / 21

Cooh / Limewax

Record label
PRSPCT Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 8th 2015


C1Landing BoneLimewax
E1Riget - 7inch special lasercut on F-sideLimewax

PRSPCT015: PRSPCT is the ruler of hard edged drumnbass and once again labelboss Trasher is on top of the game! COOH is a relatively new to the scene, but has so many hits on his name lately you would think he is one of the veterans. Can't here any hard dnb dj play out without several COOH monsters in the set. SEZON Starts of the classic 4x4 hardcore gabber kick, soon filled with snares and even more bass! Bounce bounce bounce on this one! TERAN will gice you the creeps. The Hororesque intro falls into a screeching sound edited perfectly in the beat. Bats flying all over the cave. Top class production, and devastating on the dancefloor! Supported by everybody. --- PRSPCT018: Another killer for the infamous PRSPCT imprint. Limewax hits so hard its indescribable, there's nothing left to say... BIG! --- PRSPCT021: As you all have probably noticed, here at PRSPCT HQ the vinyl releases don't stop. This month we already released the massive PRSPCT Family Album and PRSPCT XTRM 007 by Dither but were not done yet.. PRSPCT 021 by Limewax & Acid Diaper will be hitting the streets next week!! A very special limited release on engraved 7inch vinyl with handmade lino prints. Shit looks badass to the bone! On the A side we have Riget by Limewax. On this monster track Limewax has gone completely back to his old signature sound and for me personally this track one of the sickest tunes I have heard in a long time. Pure next level amen filth! Uniquely produced and 110% Limewax signature sound!! There is no B side on this release as we chose to have that side of the 7inch engraved with some pretty occult fucked up artwork. However, with every PRSPCT vinyl release the buyers get a free download code for the digital files so there is a (digital) flip side to this release by PRSPCT's newest signing: Acid Diaper There is quite some mystery surrounding this 'new' producer. Even us at PRSPCT HQ have no idea who he is and where he is from. He has chosen to keep his identity secret to the world. Kind of like Batman but instead of fighting bad people this vigilante's goal is to terrorize the world with pure Audio Violence. 4/4, Acid, Gabber DnB designed to torture the average mainstream music listener. However, us deranged individuals at PRSPCT HQ fucking love it and can assure you.. This tune called Mending Monday rocks out hard!!! Hope you guys enjoy this release as much as we do and play the fuck out of it!!!!