The Flight To Vienna & Remixes [full colour sleeve / incl. dl code]


Record label
PRSPCT Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 25th 2020


A1The Flight To ViennaMandidextrous remix Boxxi3:54
A2The Flight To Vienna (Mandidextrous D&B Fluc Mix)Mandidextrous4:08
B1The Flight To Vienna (The Dj Producer Arial Assault Mix)Mandidextrous remix The Dj Producer6:24
B2The Flight To Vienna (Mandidextrous Tekno Arena Mix)Mandidextrous3:52

Mandidextrous is an artist we have had a lot of respect for for many years here at PRSPCT. Undisputably crowned the queen of Raggatek, this artist has been on the forefront of this movement since day 1. Producing defining records and lifting up this scene and sound with her own Amen4Tekno record label. A while back she produced the track "A Flight To Vienna" under her Boxxi alias and PRSPCT artists The DJ Producer loved it so much he just had to remix it. Add a D&B mix + a Tekno mix both by Mandi herself and what do you get? A diverse as hell killer 4 track vinyl on our "everything goes" aka PRSPCT RVLT imprint. In a way this full artwork vinyl has a version of this amazing track for almost everyone on it. Definitely a must have for any lover of out of the box underground music culture. Here at PRSPCT we are super excited about this release and we hope you guys are too. Mandi Dextrous on PRSPCT. It was about time this happened! All tracks are written & produced by Mandi Gordon. Tracks A1, A2 & B2 are mastered by Zimo. Track B1 "Arial Assault Mix" is remixed & mastered by Luke "The Dj Producer" McMillan. Concept & artwork design by Bay Gemima.