The Abominable / Bloodclot Techno

The Dj Producer vs. Bong Ra

Record label
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Release Date
October 24th 2011


A1The Abominable6:21
B1Bloodclot Techno6:29

The allmighty PRSPCT arsenal gets expanded bigtime with the coming of PRSPCT XTRM.. The name says it all extreme.. Over the top underground vibes!!! The first release sees The DJ Producer going head to head with Bong Ra in a collaboration that's just too much.. It starts off with 'The Abominable' a track that's insane in every way. Heavy hardcore kicks combined with destructive Jungle breaks is something only this duo can combine! Sitting firm on the edge of Hardcore, Breakcore and DnB like only these 2 can. 'Bloodclot Techno' is something totally different.. This one focusses more on the jungle/break core side of things but combined with almost Terminator esque vibes. Definably an epic production if there ever was one!