XTRM Is What We Are [Transparent Sleeve / incl. download]

Akira / Drokz

Record label
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Release Date
March 9th 2018


A1XTRM Is What We AreAkira5:34
A2Custom GrindAkira5:50
D1F Da PoliceDrokz4:45
D2Bad BoyDrokz4:48

In this time of age where it seems many are slowing down the BPM on tracks and releases it makes us extra proud and happy to send you another Fast and XTRM Hardcore monster! All 4 tracks rock out harder than hard and the slowest track on the EP is 190 BPM.. So you boys & girls get the message... This is not for the weak hearted... This is HARD Core!!! Hope you guys enjoy these releases as much as we do and play it loud and fast just as DROKZ & AKIRA intended it to be played!! [Comes in a plastic transparent sleeve]