This Breakes My Fucking Heart EP [full colour sleeve / incl. dl code]

Adamant Scream

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 29th 2020


A1DisorderAdamant Scream & Thrasher5:49
A2Uncreate The DamnedAdamant Scream4:55
B1This Breaks My Fucking HeartAdamant Scream5:24
B2The PromiseAdamant Scream5:40

Adamant Scream back on PRSPCT XTRM with her 2nd Vinyl EP. We would like to write an amazing funny as fuck promo text again but were simply not in the mood. This whole Corona thing is one massive mood killer isn't it? Like the ultimate No Fun Virus! At least most people with HIV for instance had a ton of fun while contracting the disease. With Corona however there is no fun part anywhere from start till finish which makes it way worse + putting on one massive condom still won't allow you to go out raving. Shit is fucked pff... Ok, well, on to the promo text we go: Adamant Scream's brand new 4-tracker contains everything great about Industrial Hardcore. Proving once again that there actually is a movement working hard to "make hardcore great again". Malin Kolbrink is one talented producer and this EP proves that. Sure she might be a woman but here at PRSPCT we don't give a fuck about what your downstairs mix-up situation is. All we care about is how banging your tracks are and damn these 4 tracks are BANGING! 75% solo tracks + 25% collab with Thrasher = 1000% awesome. This Breaks My Fucking Heart EP is one of those records you need to own on black gold, so buy this fucker while you're still alive & kicking and not stuck to some breathing machine!