Bag Of Dicks EP [semi clear vinyl / full colour sleeve / incl. dl code]

Detest & Tripped

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 11th 2020


A1Ball Bag Bollocks5:24
A2Bag Of Dicks4:39
B1Hardcore To The Penis XL4:38

Detest & Tripped have a lot in common. These 2 studs share the same horrible taste in music, alcohol, woman and last but definitely not least "dicks". Here at PRSPCT we are pretty sure they were made for each other but so far neither of them have come out yet. Well maybe this brand new 3 track EP on PRSPCT XTRM is a start. A banging hardcore release completely focused on the male genitalia and delivering both the best and worse these 2 toyboys have to offer. Appropriately pressed on 10" cum white vinyl with a bag of chopped off dicks on the cover. Now that's "Hardcore" for ya! Artwork by Nils van Lingen. Mastering by Bryan Fury.