Rendered Fat [full colour sleeve / incl. dl code]

Somniac One

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 20th 2020


A1The Grand AwokeningSomniac One6:58
A2Kill EveryoneSomniac One remix Deathmachine4:35
B1Hard Synths '92Somniac One6:19

Somniac One's fourth EP for PRSPCT XTRM is a love song to hardcore of yore, featuring two nostalgic original tracks and a hellfire remix of Party In My Head anthem 'Kill Everyone' by the one and only Deathmachine. Somniac One's intense atmospheres and sledgehammer kicks get a euphoric lick on 'The Grand Awokening', a tribute to the millennium hardcore sound this industrial warrior was raised on. 'Hard Synths '92' meanwhile takes cues from even further back down the timeline, marrying early rave stabs and sentiment with Somniac One's thoroughly modern sound design and identifiable signature. Technically skilled and hard as nails, Deathmachine then breaks the back of Somniac One's much loved 2018 banger 'Kill Everyone', delivering a crossbreed mutant remix that's gonna slay dance floors all over again.