Acceleration EP


Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 31st 2014


A1The Feeling6:28
A2The Feelingremix DaRand Land5:24
B2Break Free5:47

In certain times special things reoccur. RayDilla returns to his warm PULP home with a balanced 4-track EP. The title track 'The Feeling' is that signature Raydilla sound that combines nice thick drums with a grooving bassline and some moody chords nicely sitting on top. The vocal sample comes in sporadically to finish it off. On the A2, PULP casual 'DaRand Land' delivers a somewhat darker remix that emphasizes on a pitched down vocal and hauling strings. The arpeggiated bassline is reminiscent of top notch classic house music from the golden era. The B side is opened by the special groover 'Acceleration', a funky effort that really has that special touch because of the unusual chord progressions and swinging drums. On the B2 cut 'RayDilla' gets even deeper into a vary of chord sounds and chooses to close down his latest effort with some funkin bassline action. Essential works for all lovers of the previous PULP releases.