Existence Itself

Damián Schwartz

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
December 14th 2018


A1Public Domain
A2Heavy Weather
B2Tyner (Beatless Version)
B3Former DJ, Now Selector

Damian Schwartz' "Existence Itself" is a compilation of well composed melodies that evolve, while gliding over the backbone of dance floor rhythms. Whilst containing five tracks, this record feels and breathes like a full length. "Public Domain" shows Schwarz' knowledge of jazz composition. The opening track contains chord progressions that are unusual in popular music, but should soothe a more trained audience. Nevertheless, "Public Domain" is a positive composition that should appeal to selectors worldwide. "Heavy Weather" is dripping with modulated chords, thoroughly selected bits of FX, and otherworldly arps. Deep rhythmic drum patterns guide the track into alterations of mood and a warm bath of intelligent melodies. "Tyner" is a funked-out piece of work that sounds like a perfect PULP records. It's this track where Schwarz shows that he is up there with the giants of modern day funk sounds. Large synth basses growl through the palette, and an oozing lead synth serves as the recognizable element. For the B2, a beatless version of Tyner is added to this package. This should be a welcome and fun element for selectors to play around with. "Former DJ, Now Selector" is a breathing, positive track that's the perfect ending to a versatile work like "Existence Itself".