Aural Exciter - The Remixes

Glenn Wilson & Mike Humphries / Submerge & Virgil Enzinger / Mattias Fridell

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 11th 2010


A1Aural ExciterGlenn Wilson & Mike Humphries remix Submerge & Virgil Enzinger6:06
B1Aural ExciterGlenn Wilson & Mike Humphries5:20
B2Aural ExciterGlenn Wilson & Mike Humphries remix Mattias Fridell7:23

While dj-ing at a party in Slovenia Glenn Wilson met up with producer Mike Humphries and realised they had similar music & production tastes & set up Punish Records Which they use to release most of there own productions. The raw edgy techno it was releasing soon got noticed by the likes of dj rush and Dave Clarke just to mention a few, and with the classic punish 4 release 'Aural exciter' the label truly got accepted as one of the great uk techno labels. Infact the label went on to be the outlet for Glenn's debut album entitled 'nightshift' Which was true to the raw techno vibe the label had become famous for. 2010 see's the labels return with a classic heavyweight release. Glenn Wilson & Mike Humphries - Aural Exciter 'The Remixes' which has been remixed by the likes of Adam Jay, Kimono, Mattias Fridell, Submerge & Virgil Enzinger