Perilous Voyage / Slant Of Light

D'Marc Cantu / Paolo Iocca

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 9th 2017


A1Perilous VoyageD'Marc Cantu
A2Perilous Voyage (Paolo Iocca Savannah Mix)D'Marc Cantu remix Paolo Iocca
B1Slant Of LightPaolo Iocca
B2Slant Of Light (D'Marc Cantu Starman Mix)Paolo Iocca remix D'Marc Cantu

JackBeat and Deep House maverick D'Marc Cantu (already on notable imprints like M>O>S, Creme Organization, Spectral Sound, Bopside, Sequencias...) teams up with Paolo Iocca, RA-1 head honcho, for a split EP that is more than your average DJ Tool. Deeply nested minimalistic melodies, squelching bleeps over jacking grooves, afro-centric percussions and overall cosmic eccentricities, the pair explores numerous varieties of sounds and rhythms with manic artisanship. A record you can both throw at your upcoming party or listen to in perfect solitude. // // //