Royal Athlete Vol. 2

Various Artists

Record label
Royal Athlete
Catalog Number
Release Date
August 3rd 2015


A1'Bout You
A2Speeding Lane
B1Dance Again
B2Strange Attractors

Royal Athlete's quest for the cosmos continues, with a brand new Various Artists EP from the depths of space. Four tracks of magical dance floor weapons via the Earth colonies of California, the UK and Berlin. Containing tracks from Voltaire / Omega Supreme mainstay and frequent Egyptian Lover collaborator Brian Ellis, Bout You's funk is so potent you could smoke it. Mat/Matix's Speeding Lane takes you to 5pm, with a groove so smooth, you'll think it's bathed in oil. Rick Wreck presents a heartfelt funk gem with Dance Again, for the lovers, across the universe. Finally Royal Athlete's own Vexkiddy serves up a spaced out, G'd up cosmofantabulous afterhours banger with Strange Attractors.