Record label
Rave and Romance Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 26th 2019



Schlachthofbronx celebrate 10 years of their existence with a new record on their Rave And Romance imprint. On this double single, the Munich based duo dives into all that interesting vibes, rhythms and sounds they have come to be known for over the last decade, exploring the hybrid fields between all kinds of Dub, Club and Soundsystem music. And: they even allow themselves to get a bit more emotional to fit the special occasion. The A side TEN starts with a bittersweet synth intro that can only be described as epic before immersing in a dubby bassline world full of layered melodies reminiscing about club-romantic stories of raves & sunrises from the past while always keeping you dancing to waves of bass tailored to big soundsystems, you know the drill. The B side ORION takes you far away into an out-of-space Dub universe equal parts sultry & fragile and full of the highest highs and the lowest lows. It's deep. It will be available digitally and on a limited edition run of 10" vinyl (full artwork disco sleeve) via Rave And Romance Records. Distribution via Unearthed Sounds (vinyl) and The Orchard (digital). With this, Schlachthofbronx will follow up their 4 previous original albums (2009s Schlachthofbronx, 2012s Dirty Dancing, 2014s Rave And Romance and 2017s Haul & Pull Up), completed by Eps and singles for Labels like Zam Zam, Mixpak, Monkeytown, Mad Decent, Disko B and Man Recordings as well as production work for artists like M.I.A., Snoop Dogg or Bonde Do Role.