Advent / The Glow


Record label
Pushing Red
Catalog Number
Release Date
December 13th 2010


B1The Glow4:51

Long time producer and innovator ASC steps to Pushing Red with two fantastic pieces of Detroit-tinged techno. He's well known in many circles for his wonderful drum & bass releases which more recently have brought him success on such labels Exit, Nonplus & his own Auxilary. His is also known for other tempos and this release is pure evidence that he is just as deadly in this realm as his drum & bass! A. ADVENT A punishing 4/4 kicks things off before distorted, crushing bass and effects propel this monster into Detroit territory! While this tune is a monster, everything is perfectly layered and everything within the tune makes sense. Reverbed keys and delayed effects pull everything together! Definitely one for the fans who like their beats with a little teeth! AA. THE GLOW The Glow harks back to the glory days of Warp Records and mid 90's techno & electronic. A subtle 4/4 keeps the momentum going while the bassline could workout any soundsystem. Lush keys and pads sit perfectly on top creating that wonderful melodic and nostalgia feel! Definitely one for fans of deeper, melodic techno!