Atrium / Box Rituals


Record label
Pushing Red
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 4th 2013


B1Box Rituals6:06

A man that is always thinking outside of the box and constantly turning heads with his super deep, leftfield productions is Cameron McLaren or in the world of electronic music 'Consequence'. Having done a remix for our sister label 'Warm Communications' we thought it would be fitting to wrangle a tune at a different tempo from the man on Pushing Red. 'Atrium' is a steppy affair with it's splintered kicks and shuffled snares. Warped atmospheres weave in and out of the background while bass works the chest and keeps thing interesting. 'Box Rituals' is a super deep, uplifting affair. A steady 4/4 pulsates throughout the tune while serene melodies float above keeping everything together.