Bogey in Sight

LT Barber & The Messengers

Record label
Redrum Recordz
Catalog Number
Release Date
December 11th 2015


A1Riverside Pickup3:59
A2Going In4:39
A3Bogey In Sight3:54
A4Lost (Datura)3:09
B2Danger Theme2:11
B3Prison Camp3:58
B4Napalm Trees3:58
B5Embankment (end credits)3:41

'Bogey in Sight' (1973) is the original soundtrack of an Italian war movie that never saw the light of day. Just recently this unknown Dutch-Italian production was discovered in a private archive in Rome. Next to a reel of the only known version of 'Bogey In Sight' entitled 'Il Nemico In Vista' were the master tapes of the original soundtrack, produced by the late Abraham Barber and Thomas Jackson as 'The Messengers' (not to be confused with the Minnesota Rock group). Psychedelic Rock, Funk and movie score reinforce each other. The Bogey In Sight soundtrack originally contained 12 tracks. Unfortunately three tracks seem to be forever lost. Luckily 9 of them are now restored, mastered for the first time and released by Redrum Recordz in collaboration with Rundfunk.