XANGADIX LIVES! Original soundtrack [red splattered vinyl / artwork sleeve]

Mike Redman

Record label
Redrum Recordz
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 5th 2018


A1Xangadix Lives!2:34
A2Jackson Whites/Johnson Blues5:20
A3Production Disaster3:26
A4Dr. Johnson's Legacy2:32
A5Favorite Kills1:07
A6The Johnsons1:16
B1Creating Evil0:44
B2Quality Control2:08
B3Garbage strike1:25
B4Disposal Plant1:07
B5Making A Horror Movie2:42
B6Xangadix '940:40
B7Main Theme / End Credits3:16

Horrorfilm 'The Johnsons' was one of the biggest productions of 1992 in The Netherlands. The film won international acclaim and became a cult classic in the U.S. and Japan, yet failed to make an impact on the Dutch cultural landscape. Or so it was thought... 25 years later, the celebrated documentary 'XANGADIX LIVES!' (Bram Roza & Yfke van Berckelaer, 2017), shines a new light on the untold story behind the film's troubled production and the legacy it left behind... XANGADIX LIVES! the original motion picture soundtrack, is composed by award winning producer and Deformer initiator, Mike Redman. It's now available on limited edition blood splattered vinyl. Get it now, because when we say limited edition, we mean limited edition!