Primitive Spirit EP

Hiroaki Iizuka

Record label
Self Reflektion
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 27th 2015


B1Primitive Spirit5:32
B2Drum Unit5:14

Japanese producer Hiroaki Iizuka has been releasing music since the turn of the century. After several efforts on imprints such as Symbolism, THEM and Nheoma, - as of now - the Hokkaido based hardware aficionado turns to Rotterdam's Self Reflektion with a package that's filled with thoroughly arranged sequenes and deep gritty drums. "Primitive Spirit EP" consists out of 4 tracks that merely exist out of rhythmic alternations and syncopated synth patterns that heavily display the use of hardware equipment. For the initial a-side effort "Opto", Hiroaki' cleverly uses deranged synth bits and a vary of subtle effect strains to exhibit an ominous atmosphere. The sophomore a-side endeavour "Vertik" proves to be an almost frantic thrill that should be suitable for both late night club settings and purposeless city walks. For the b-side opener "Primitive Spirit" Hiroaki shows his versatility by turning a bit more audacious by coming up with a tumultuous drum frenzy thatis balanced out by spacey FX washes and processed hats. "Drum unit" is the final cut that somewhat hints to traditional Rotterdam techno. Due to the latter and all it's versatility, "Primitive Spirit EP" is the right record for Self Reflektion.