Features 01

Repitch a.k.a. D. Carbone & Ascion

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November 14th 2011


A2Walker / Mike Parker remixremix Mike Parker5:35

Played and Supported by Speedy J,Luke Slater,Adam X,Perc,Tommy Four Seven,Dino Sabatini,Shifted,DVS1,Samuli Kemppi,SP-X,Brendon Moeller,Norman Nodge,Pfirter,Markus Suckut,Jonas Kopp,Obtane,Dadub,Cio D'Or and more. Features series start from here, the first of all, open Repitch. The rebirth of the well-known fusion Ascion and D. Carbone. A unique sound suitable for the club and listening. Irradial is a Industrial-Hybrid. Walker smells like Oldschool but totally redesigned. Glare is an endless trip. Mike Parker version of Walker takes you over, Hypnotic. The name Features come from the surrealistic artworks that will accompany us throughout the series. These mix the physical traits of the artist's face with others, a face that looks like a distorted view of someone in our thoughts with features not well defined. To collect.