Marble Grounds [vinyl only]

JamRat remix Glueped

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 7th 2020


A1Marble GroundsJamRat7:11
A2Marble GroundsJamRat remix Glueped7:21
B1Neurocare LocaleJamRat7:11
B2Neurocare LocaleJamRat remix Glueped7:15

"Marble Grounds" is the first release on new Seattle vinyl imprint Rhizome (US). Local live duo JamRat provides the two original tracks "Marble Grounds" and "Neurocare Locale" each accompanied by a remix from Glueped, consisting of Cristi Tudorache aka Melodie and Mihai Mihalcea (Teluric). "Marble Grounds" on Side A drifts through singing synths and steady percussion, the melody gently arising and humming to the listener before evaporating as the breakdown arrives. Glueped's first remix of the EP is a cosmically-charged reinterpretation of "Marble Grounds", a dreamlike rhythm providing a quicker pace into lofty synths and a guiding drum. "Neurocare Locale" is a harmonious hymn fizzing with auspicious vocals joined by a playful synth, provoking ephemeral reflections deep within. A deep kick and baseline actualize together and announce a dancefloor-ready dive, uncovering a starry remix of "Neurocare Locale", concluding Side B.