Run It Red 001 [Red Vinyl]

Various Artists

Record label
Run It Red
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 6th 2019


A1Broader than BroadwayLQ & Midnight Dubs
A2Jazz LickJazz Lick
B1Jungle LuvBukkha
B2Jungle LuvBukkha remix LQ

Four track vinyl 12inch, pressed on transparent red vinyl, mastered by Simon at The Exchange and features Jungle tunes from Bukkha, Timetravel, LQ & Midnight Dubs. This is the first release on LQ's (Echo Chamber Sound) second label, Run It Red, dedicated to the Jungle sound. Run It Red has been running as a club night dedicated to classic and current Jungle since 2010 and finally takes the step out of the dance and onto vinyl. These tunes are the dubs that got a forward in the dance and will drop neatly in any session.