Relapso Pack

Relapso & Samuli Kemppi & Brendon Moeller & more

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 29th 2016


A2PersistenciaRelapso remix Mike Parker
B1PersistenciaRelapso remix Mark Morris
B2PersistenciaRelapso remix Samuli Kemppi
C2MotionRelapso remix Go Hiyama
D2UnmotionRelapso remix Alfred Kopke
E2MirageRelapso remix Brendon Moeller
F2HuntedRelapso remix Lori

This label has principal goal to reach a new experience at Techno music and show a new prespective using raw techno elements, heavy basslines and 909 groovy --- Second release from Relapso Records where the host brings new fresh Techno in is own way, using a reat 909 groove and raw mood in the sounds. This pack brings great remixes from the Japanese well known Go Hiyama where he shape the Motion sentiments in his own style and the other remix is from a newcomer in Techno scene the Portuguese Alfred Kopke where he takes the Unmotion track and makes is own atmospheric and hypnotic style like he loves to do it! Its all about feeling and get in the spirit of Relapso sounds in this release! --- Third release from Relapso Records where the host brings new fresh Techno to the floor. Brings new fashion old 909 beats to this world from mirage and hunted conquers. This pack has also two great remixes from the masters Brendon Moeller and Iori, where they show his talent in how to kill a dancefloor with great grooves and beats.