Loose (Burn Down) / Slave to The Rave [coloured vinyl]

Sunil Sharpe / Umwelt

Record label
Rave Or Die
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 7th 2020


A1Loose (Burn Down)Sunil Sharpe4:58
B1Slave to The RaveUmwelt5:23

RAVE OR DIE 07 REPRESS For its seventh release, Rave Or Die proudly welcomed Irish superstar Sunil Sharpe in 2017. Hailing from Dublin, this producer and DJ has gain within a few years a solid reputation of merciless techno purveyor in Europe with uncompromising releases on structures such like On The Hoof, Sheworks, Black Sun Records, Trensmat, Mord, Inner Surface Music, Komisch, Bastardo Electrico, and many more. Half of the Tinfoil duo along with DeFekt offers to the French Rave label a great slab of bastard-heavy material in his typical signature: hard and fast "Loose (Burn Down)" supported by metallic sorities and ruff modulations over a pounding bass line in a pure, raw style. On the flipside, ROD mastermind Umwelt (Boidae, Shipwrec, New Flesh Records) serves up another milestone of a cabalistic anthem dedicated to industrial ware-houses: mechanic "Slave To The Rave" signs an ode to the dancefloor thanks to its implacable and hammering beat. Harder, faster, higher seems to be the motto of Rave Or Die seventh chapter! Rush on it.