RAVE ENCOUNTER VOL.1 [green vinyl + orange vinyl]

999999999 / Umwelt / Falhaber / Deep Dimension

Record label
Rave Or Die
Catalog Number
Release Date
August 21st 2020


A1Ich Glaube Ich Spinne9999999994:28
C1Kick ItFalhaber5:15
D1Hard NovaDeep Dimension6:22

French ROD imprint returns with another solid compilation of powerfull, forward-thinking, dark and mesmerizing anthems fuelled with a fierce undertone. Representing the essence of classic Rave sound, the Rave Encounter series, comes split into two 2x10". Vol.1 sees the label founder Umwelt surrounded by some of the most exciting Rave figures of the moment. The A-side packs a dose of strictly for big warehouses 4/4 kicks by Italian duo 999999999. Followed by Umwelt's electro/techno "Rave Blaster" hammering hit. Merciless. The second slice of plastic boasts a faster sound, as Holland based Falhaber serves up a rough yet metallic "Kick It while on the flip, Deep Dimension's hypnotic monster "Hard Nova" concludes the record with a nostalgic touch. Expect nothing but uplifting melodies, cold breaks, and wild beats, calibered for maximum damage on the dancefloor. Vol.2, will follow in september... don't sleep!