Morning Worship


Record label
Clone Royal Oak
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 2nd 2015


A1Cascaval Breeze
A2Ghetto Prophet
B2Streets of Love_Blaze

Hailing from Lisbon, Portugal Sabre are delivering their debut release from Clone Royal Oak with a fresh take on house and techno. If you're looking for effective formular club tracks, then please skip through! Four playful and emotive tracks without any of the modern club dogma's, however strongly rooted in a 30 year long tradition of our musical culture. From Model 500's Detroit techno to even further back like Gottsching's Berlin school electronics and Alice Coltrane's spiritual jazz. Music created from a subjective perspective evoking different kind of moods and emotions with their wide palette of sounds, rhythms and melodies. Even though this might be "psychology for dummies" you probably can say there is a heavy influence from their Portuguese culture and their hometown Lisbon. Warm sounding tracks with a cool (sea) breeze and some of the outgoing, yet laidback southern european character. But sticking to the facts... there is some wonderful and special music on this record!