Risk / Easy on the Motion

Random Movement / Mutt & Calculon feat. Kevin King

Record label
Rubik Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 28th 2011


A1RiskRandom Movement6:26
B1Easy on the MotionMutt & Calculon feat. Kevin King5:00

'Rubik Records starts off 2011 with two tunes that have been turning heads and moving dancefloors, from North American Producers Random Movement, Mutt, and Calculon. Side A features 'Risk' by Random Movement which has been receiving heavy DJ Support from the likes of Heist, Bailey, Crissy Criss, and Submorphics. This Florida based wunderkind recently released his debut album on Innerground to critical acclaim and still found time to get this smasher to us for his Rubik debut. One for the liquid crew and the jump up crowd! The B Side is much much deeper affair and Random Movement himself said 'It's the best tune I have heard in a year. 'Kevin King lays down original vocals as only he can do on this collaboration 'Easy on the Motion' between Canada's Mutt and California's Calculon. With LTJ Bukem supporting the tune, as well as Asides, Stunna, etc, this 12inch is not one that will leave your bag for some time.'