Retrospective Vol.6

Kalden Bess / Simone Tavazzi

Record label
Loose Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 21st 2014


A1PowerKalden Bess7:13
B1KeepSimone Tavazzi7:52

LOOSE RECORDS is proud to introduce RETROSPECTIVE - a celebration of our first thirty releases by Europe's top, underground techno artists. Coming from a broad berth of influence, RETROSPECTIVE represents the past, present, and future of European techno. Our Artists take electronic music to a new level with orchestral experimentation and their fusion of cross-genre. RETROSPECTIVE will be available on vinyl, digital, and as a collection on a double CD. 'Power' (Kalden Bess) is true to its title; this powerful song starts off with a throbbing bassline that is run through a synthesizer with a saw. The produced sound is similar to a harmonica, giving the nostalgia of the Blues. As the intro merges into the body of the piece, the intense drum track joins with vocals that serve as instruments. This versatile track will leave a tremendous impact on anyone who listens to it. It would be a perfect anthem for any large festival as well as club. Additionally, this would greatly appeal to filmmakers for action and speculative soundtracks. Videogame companies will be intrigued as well. 'Keep' (Simone Tavazzi) begins with a low bass drum that's soon joined with a synthesizer and high hat. The track is brought through a remixer and feels very circular as it builds up. A fusion of experimental noises complements a deep, echoing male vocal track. This haunting piece would appeal to a broad spectrum. It would be a great opener for any DJ's set, mellow enough to set the mood while the increasing intensity draws the listener in, preparing them for a great night out.