Liger EP

Giorgio Luceri

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 17th 2014


A2Your Eyes And The Sea7:33
B1Ligerremix Gene Hunt6:58

Gear appreciating Italian 'Giorgio Luceri' enters the SAFT dome with the machine driven 'Liger EP'. On the opening track 'Liger' Giorgio cleverly paints an elusive ambiance using jumbled drums and an appealing bassline together with a continual synthline that nicely sits on top of the serene pads that give rise to an intense atmosphere. The B1 side opens with similar soothing pads that gradually change when the immense bassline and full bodied kick drum come in. Giorgio again creates a somewhat adverse vibe which helps to give it a hint of lushness. For the B2, Chicago legend 'Gene Hunt' contributes with a massive percy remix for 'Liger'. A lot of drum action is present in this club oriented (yet deep) roller. As far as remixes go, Gene Hunt proves to be a craftsman of high stature. SAFT06 will be available from all good retailers from late January 2014.