Sweetness You Bring

Chris Gray

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 15th 2016


A1Sweetness You Bringremix Moonchildren5:26
A2Sweetness You Bring (Original Mix)7:19
B1Sweetness You Bringremix CRUE6:36
B2Sweetness You Bring (Sultry Mix)5:10

When talking about sought after records in House music, Chris Gray's ''Sweetness You Bring'' which was first released through his own ''Deep4life'' imprint in 2000 will definitely come up as a golden grail every now and then. After enquiring about this release SAFT and the artist got the idea to re-issue this classic together with two alternative versions plus a ''Crue'' remix. The outcome is a solid 12''. SAFT13 opens up with an interpretation of ''Sweetness You Bring'' by Chris Gray's very own ''Moonchildren ''project, this version is a somewhat more melodic edit of the original. After this, the highly sought after original version of ''Sweetness You Bring'' comes up. Naturally the EP is built around this track which has proven to be a modern day classic. The Crue remix on the B1 position is a version where the signature vocal cut is being left out and the drums are altered big time which leads to a more dubbish version of the original. Chris Gray's Sultry version of the Title track is definitely the hardest hitting track on this EP altering the total mood with the use of firm built drums and funky organ sounds.