Two [incl. Anton Zap remix]


Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 26th 2018


A1Untitled 3Nortasun5:23
A2Untitled 3Nortasun remix Anton Zap6:56
B1Untitled 4Nortasun8:19

The elusive producer 'Nortasun' hasn't released a record since his debut 'One' through SAFT back in 2016. After two years, it's time for a follow up which is fittingly named 'Two'. The track titles also resume in a fashionable manner with the opening track being titled: 'Untitled 3'. On this track, Nortasun introduces a firm rhythm that is supported by the impossibly beautiful strings that serve as the tracks key element and appear throughout. Next up is the 'AntonZap' remix. AntonZap doesn't do the stereotypical remix take on the original. His version is dub laden, otherworldly, and only implements miniscule pieces from the original take. With just under 7 minutes, the remix version is a true sonic voyage. On the B-Side, Nortasun takes a more dubbed out approach to modern day house music. 'Untitled 4' is a work of precision. The carefully crafted hats and dub elements sizzle throughout the entire track and help the track morph into a stunning piece of dance floor music around the four minute mark. Nortasun cleverly introduces a thumpientire ng bass that changes up the mood for the work. Nortasun's 'Two' will be available through all specialized retailers just after the summer of 2018.