Jazzed EP [vinyl only]


Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 23rd 2018


A1Swing Tool5:04
B2Pitch Black4:48

After a five year release hiatus, in 2018 Yura Khlop is putting out music under his SE62 alias again. "Jazzed EP" is the second release in the SAFT X series and the Kiev based producer has delivered a class record. The A-side opening track; "Swing Tool" is built around more jazzed out samples than the other tracks. SE62 cleverly plays original notes together with a hazy sample that serves as the core element. "Jazzed EP" will be available through all specialized retailers in the autumn of 2018. On A2 we find "July". Again a very dance floor oriented record with taints of emotion. The very present chord and bassline dominate the tracks structure until at one point; a beautiful sample is introduced. Positive sounds for lovers of classic deep house. The title track "Jazzed" is a signature piece of thumping deep house, using swinging MPC style drums and an evolving digital piano riff. This together with some submerged sounding sample shots, create a dance floor worthy ambiance. After "Jazzed", we find "Pitch Black", a sample-heavy jam that is based around a set of characteristic drums. A swinging chord and an infectious chord progression do the trick on this true dance floor record.