Raise / Anxiety

Ali Berger

Record label
Southern Belle Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
December 13th 2019



A meditation on the current political climate in the United States, Raise sits somewhere between 90s techno, NY house, and the hybridized warehouse bangers of the future. Urgent vocals call out to raise your voice and speak while hard-hitting drums, booming bass, and an elastic acid line coincide to illustrate the paramount importance of addressing societal complexities and working to enact tangible change. Plus it bangs. Anxiety takes on an ever- present aspect of modern life. With distressed-yet-proud vocals, crunchy drums, icy synth stabs, and swinging hats, this track fuses Chicago and NY house influences into a claustrophobic yet contagious anthem. Simply put, Anxiety captures a paradoxical feeling that is all too familiar in 2019.