Twin Blades Of Doom

Poima remix Inland / Regen

Record label
Shaw Cuts
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 14th 2020


A2Triglau (Inland Dub)Poima remix Inland6:39
B2BonesPoima remix Regen6:29

The next chapter in Shaw Cuts comes from Russian duo Poima, who celebrate their debut record "Twin Blades of Doom" - a fierce revenge mission and hunt after the infamous Ghost gang. The pursuit opens with "Triglau", its linear machine groove levelling a fraction of the Ghost Gang. Heads roll on a crimson floor. Teaming up with mysterious masked warrior Inland, "Triglau" morphs into a hypnotic trip. Pushing drum rhythms and swirling pads combine with nasty noise elements, propelling the hunt. The remaining enemy members are already hatching their next evil move. On the way to Lu He Village where the Ghost Gang plans its next assault, analogue break-beat punches and swinging percussions weave a menacing tapestry of sound, crushing the "Bones" of rogue creatures in its path. Serbian slayer Regen arrives in force for the final showdown at Qi Dou Town where the Ghost Gang plans a huge heist. Armed with atmospheric pads and a soaring drum crescendo, his interpretation of "Bones" ends the Ghost Gang tyranny in one fatal sweep. And the saga goes on...