Five Element Ninjas


Record label
Shaw Cuts
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 10th 2020


A1Liquid Shorts5:50
B1Brooklyn Banks4:51
B2It's Only 4 Life7:13

Farron continues the Shaw Cuts odyssey with his "Five Element Ninjas" EP, echoing the story of the relentless fight against the elite ninjas with their special skills in different elements: gold, wood, water, fire and earth. The tale begins with a duel between two rival masters to determine which of their martial arts schools reign supreme. Master Zeng's students are superior by far and win every battle, but Master Hong has an ace up his sleeve. He announces a challenge with the mysterious Five Element ninjas. "Liquid Shorts" and its gigantic drums and menacing spirit spurs on the strongest students facing the challenge. Weapons collide, blows rain down, limbs get chopped. The students are not aware of the strength of the ninjutsu technique. None survive the battle. Hong's plan to completely destroy Zeng's school moves to the next phase. He sends female spy Senji to Zeng's temple. She secretly makes a map and smuggles it back to her master. In the dead of night the silent ninja offense on the temple takes place, accompanied by the rushing rhythmics and emotive synths of "Contaship". But the assault came too unexpectedly and only one student, Hao, escapes the violence. He returns to his old ninja master to complete the training he began years ago. He joins three other students who want to aid him in his quest for revenge. "Brooklyn Banks" and its eclectic groove, rough chords and dynamic percussion help the students to quickly learn the secret ninjutsu techniques. Now well-trained and aware of the ninjas' trickery, Hao and his fellow students set off to take revenge. "It's Only 4 Life" sets the sentimental tone for vendetta. The gold and wood ninjas are taken out with ease by the dizzying drumming, the water ninjas cut down to size by staggering hi-hats combined with erratic percussive elements and swooning pads, finally claiming victory over the fire and earth ninjas. Only the leader of the ninjas remains. Escalation! Stay tuned to know the fate of the last man standing...